‘Fallen Angel’ – Rock song with sultry slinky feel and ambient intro/extro.

‘Ghost’ – Quirky ‘bunny-boiler’ song.

‘Monster’ – Cabaret noir with a waltz interlude and a gypsy dance finale.

‘Auntie Sarah’ – A dramatic, spooky mid-tempo song with a hip hop inspired riff. Based on a Glaswegian nursery rhyme.

‘Gandiegow’ – Passionate and quirky gypsy dance in 6/8 with opera vocal harmonies

‘Hollywood’ – Heart-felt introspective ballad

‘Man On The Moon’ – Inspired by the memory of being comforted as children, that if we really looked, we would see our late grandfather’s face in the moon.

‘Cold Star’ – About The Great War, sampling ‘We Three Kings of Orient Are’ and the words of Wilfred Owen

‘Made-Up Story’ – Quirky cabaret noir in the style of Kurt Weill.

‘Into The Woods’ – Dreamy, mysterious ballad

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